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Poovar – the backwater paradise

Blue sky, merky backwaters, a sandy beach, an estuary, endless rows of coconut trees, mangrooves, boat, birds and us. This is Poovar lake, a nature lovers delight, lost somewhere near the tip of South India, tucked in Gods own country , Kerala.

Jew Town – A tryst with History

Jew town is an age old settlement of Jewish people in Kochi, Kerala; with some estimates going as early as the 6th Century BCE.
Teeming with antique, textile and handicraft shops; Jew Town, a remnant of India’s colorful history, today stands as a testament of inclusion, of culture, of taste and of humanity.

Kovalam – the hippiest beach of Kerala

Kovalam Beach comprises of three crescent shaped beaches, each of which has something unique to offer. While some offer unmatched natural beauty, the other has watersports in its kitty, while another is just for a laid back vacation. Nestled inside Kerala, the god’s own country, Kovalam is one experience that must not be missed.