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Gurudongmar Lake, the highest freshwater lake in the world.

At a dizzing 5154 mtr above sea level, Gurudongmar Lake is highest fresh water lake in the world, which civilians are allowed to visit. The blue lake, offers breathtaking views of snow capped mountains and an endless tundra landscape.

12 best places to visit in North Sikkim, India in 2023

North Sikkim is known for its raw beauty and breathtaking tundra landscape. It offers mesmerizing views of snow capped mountains, high mountain passes, numerous waterfalls and high altitude lakes. Every year thousands of tourists come to the North to experience the best Sikkim has to offer, despite the chilling cold that persists all round the…

Marine Museum at Jobra, Cuttack Museum – Tickets, Location, Photos

The Odisha Maritime Museum, is a repurposed colonial structure, that during the British rule acted as a maritime workshop for inland water communication of the Bengal Presidency (state of Bengal,  Odisha and Bihar). Built in 1867, this building now houses, more than 10 galleries showcasing the rich maritime history of the state.

World’s highest Dosa Point

Perched at 14000 ft above sea level, “Dosa By The Way”, in Thangu, Sikkim; is the highest dosa point in the world. Operated by the Indian Army’s Madrass regiment, this place serves delicious Mysore Masala Dosa and few other lip smacking delicacies round the year, sometimes in sub zero temperatures.

Gopalpur Sea Beach, Behrampur.

When we think of beaches in Odisha, our minds takes us automatically to Puri, the beach town that hosts the famous Puri Jagannath Temple. Odisha however boats of a large coastline, and hence although the popular, Puri definitely is not the only beach town in the state. Situated 73 kms away from Bhubaneswar, Gopalpur is…

Daringbadi – Experiences, Best Resort and Tourist Places

Darigbadi is undoubtedly the coldest place of Odisha, so much so that whether there was Snowfall in Daringbadi or not has lately become the parameter of deciding if the winter was strong enough. In my eyes however, the raw natural beauty of the place is what makes it a must visit for everyone. Perched atop…

Padmanabhaswamy Temple – History, Treasure and Secrets

The Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, who as per Hinduism is the preserver of life. Here he can be seen in his ‘Ananta Shayana’ form (eternal yogic sleep), on the infinite serpent Adishesha (Sheshnag). Though Padmanabhaswamy Temple has always had a steady influx of pilgrims over centuries, it shot into limelight recently when…

Bhaskareswar Temple – The largest Shiva Linga of Bhubaneswar

The towering shiva linga of Bhaskareswar Temple measures 9ft in height and 12.5 Ft in circumference, which makes it the biggest shiva linga of Bhubaneswar and one of the biggest in Odisha. Located in the eastern part of the city, this humble temple hides in plain sight as most people are blissfully unaware of the…

Fort Kochi – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Chinese Fishing nets of Fort Kochi, are synonymous with the image of the city. They are gorgeous to look at when standing tall by the sea, and mesmerizing to catch in action. It is however some greedy individuals and lazy authorities, those make it a disappointment.

3 wonders on route to Munnar

“What is the meaning of the name Munnar?”, my inner curious kid asked as our cab turned a hairpin bend on our way to the hill station. “moonu, aaru. Meaning confluence of three rivers. Nullatanni, Kundale and Kanniar.”, answered Joseph, our cabbie cum guide. “Oh ok. So how long its going to take?”, I was…

Top 5 places to visit in Munnar

Table of Contents:Munnar at a glance  1. How to reach  2. Where to stay  3. Best time to Visit  4. Duration of StayMy Top 5 Munnar Experinces  1. Visit Mattupetty    1.1. Mattupetty Dam    1.2. Echo Point  2. Shikara ride on Kundala Lake  3. Take a hike upto Attukad Waterfall  4. Take a stroll in a Tea Estate  5. Pick homemade chocolates  6. Honourable mention – Top Station…


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