|| चरन्मार्गान्विजानाति || – A wanderer (eventually) knows the path.

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Poovar – the backwater paradise

Blue sky, merky backwaters, a sandy beach, an estuary, endless rows of coconut trees, mangrooves, boat, birds and us. This is Poovar lake, a nature lovers delight, lost somewhere near the tip of South India, tucked in Gods own country , Kerala.

Jew Town – A tryst with History

Jew town is an age old settlement of Jewish people in Kochi, Kerala; with some estimates going as early as the 6th Century BCE.
Teeming with antique, textile and handicraft shops; Jew Town, a remnant of India’s colorful history, today stands as a testament of inclusion, of culture, of taste and of humanity.

Kovalam – the hippiest beach of Kerala

Kovalam Beach comprises of three crescent shaped beaches, each of which has something unique to offer. While some offer unmatched natural beauty, the other has watersports in its kitty, while another is just for a laid back vacation. Nestled inside Kerala, the god’s own country, Kovalam is one experience that must not be missed.

Athirapally – The waterfall from the movies

They say nature is best artist. And no where is it more apparent than a walk down the slippery rocks covered with greenery all around. The only thing for campany being the mist generated from water hitting the rocks after an 80ft fall. Welcome to the highest waterfall of Kerala, Athirapally.

A night at Taptapani Panthanivas

Set amidst a serene natural surrounding, the Taptapani Panthanivas is a state run guesthouse, that was supposed to serve as a night halt during my southern Odisha explorations.
It however turned out to be a destination in itself, surrounded by hills and forrest, devoid of any human settlements nearby. Easy on the budget, providing for ample privacy, this humble property is in fact a resort, masquerading as a guesthouse.

Jirang (Chandragiri) – The Tibetan village in Odisha

Jirang also known as Chandragiri, is a small village in Gajapati district of Odisha, which boasts of a small but significant Tibetan population. The village had maintained a very low profile untill it became home to the largest buddhist monastery of Eastern India in 2010.

Since then, slowly and steadily its popularity has grown within the tourist circles of India and abroad. Visitors from all parts of the world now flock the small village to experience the unadultrated village life, get bowled over by the mighty Eastern ghats and get wowed by the beautiful monastery.

My Kerala Houseboat Experience.

A Kerala Houseboat journey is all about getting spoilt by delicious meals & warm hospitality while admiring the endless backwaters and rows after rows of coconut and palm trees. It gives a whole new perspective and appreciation for the life of the people living in villages around the backwaters, depending on it for food and livelihood.

Here’s presenting my complete guide to a Kerala Houseboat Experience to help you plan your own magical experience.

Mysore Palace – Representing the Irrepressible spirit of Mysore.

Also known as the Amba Vilas Palace, this grand structure is located at the heart of Mysore city, dominating the city’s skyline.

The first iteration of this palace was built in the 14th century by Yaduraya Wodeyar, after which this palace has been reconstructed and renovated several times, to become the architectural and artistic marvel it is today.

Kamakhya Temple of Assam – Myth, Legend and Devotion

Table of Contents:Kamakhya Temple at a Glance  1. How to reach  2. Timings  3. Entries My journey to Kamakhya Temple  1. The Temple Complex  2. Mythological Origins  3. History of Kamakhya Temple  4. The main temple  5. Sacrifices in the temple  6. The Darshan  7. The inner sanctum(Garbhagriha)  8. The experience As per Hindu mythology there are 51 Shakti Peeth located in the subcontinent. Most of […]

Mussorie skyline

5 best experiences of Mussoorie

Mussoorie is an elegant town, steeped in old world charm where one can catch a glimpse of the layers upon layers of hills, rising up higher and higher to join the eternally snow clad Himalayas. The spectacular views of steep, rolling hills draped in dense forests of oak, cedar, pine, birch rhododendron and Deodar trees will have you goggling with wonder.

Happy Valley – The secret Mussoorie escape.

Boasting of breathtaking views, gorgeous Buddha statue, peaceful monastery, and enchanting prayer flags, Happy Valley has been an overlooked destination for many who visit Mussorie. It however is one of the most tranquil locations one would find in the whole hill station providing for uninterupted views of the Himalayas.

The tale of fire and water – Ganga Aarti , Haridwar

Hymns, chants, flowers, floating lamps and blazing torches, all come together, to create a perfect symphony, beautiful and borderline hypnotic. The Ganga Aarti, an ode to the mighty Ganges (Ganga), is held every evening, at the Har Ki Pauri Ghat of Haridwar, Uttarakhand.


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